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The Cavendish Green Mountain Snow Fleas Snowmobile Club is located in southeast Vermont in the township of Cavendish. Snowmobile riders experience a variety of scenic views including the Green Mountains, the Black River, the Arthur Davis Wildlife Sanctuary, meadows and forests on our 43 miles of corridor and secondary trails. Please enjoy the scenery and be respectful of our landowners. We look forward to meeting you on the trails in Snow Fleas country!


Cavendish Snowmobile Ordinance Update - Jan. 10, 2017

Last night before the Select Board voted on the Snowmobile Ordinance, Club members Al Davis and Paul Carbo spoke about how far they have to travel to get to the VAST trails.

The Board took their comments into consideration approving the Ordinance with one modification - the 1,000 foot limit for traveling on a town road was eliminated and replaced with wording allowing travel from a member's home to the nearest VAST trail with no distance limitation. 

The Ordinance goes into effect on February 9th, and a copy will be included with the February newsletter.

Thank you to everyone who wrote letters and attended last night's meeting. 

Your support made the passage of this Ordinance possible!

Joe Marini







February 17, 2017

Dan T. and Joe groomed the trails from WR 43 south this morning. Conditions are good but be aware of blowing and drifting snow especially on the power lines.

Dan T. will be out grooming the trails from WR 43 north tonight. We expect those conditions to be good as well.

The sides of all the trails are very powdery and soft. If you go off the trail you will be in very deep soft snow and you will get stuck!

Enjoy and ride safe!


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