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The Cavendish Green Mountain Snow Fleas Snowmobile Club is located in southeast Vermont in the township of Cavendish. Snowmobile riders experience a variety of scenic views including the Green Mountains, the Black River, the Arthur Davis Wildlife Sanctuary, meadows and forests on our 43 miles of corridor and secondary trails. Please enjoy the scenery and be respectful of our landowners. We look forward to meeting you on the trails in Snow Fleas country!








March 16, 2017

Dan T. and Joe spent the day clearing downed trees and flattening the snow from WR 43 north and WR 43 south to WR 68.

We will be out again early tomorrow grooming from WR 43 on Corridor 12 to Chester (WR 46) and Corridor 127 (WR 44 to WR 70).

The trails are very soft folks! Keep your speed down or there will be no snow on the trails for the weekend.

Enjoy and ride safe!


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