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Vermont Snowmobile Club!    

The Cavendish Green Mountain Snow Fleas Snowmobile Club is located in southeast Vermont in the township of Cavendish. Snowmobile riders experience a variety of scenic views including the Green Mountains, the the Black River, the Arthur Davis Wildlife Sanctuary , meadows and forests on  
our 43 miles of corridor and secondary trails. Please enjoy the scenery and be respectful of our landowners. We look forward to meeting you on the trails in SnowFleas country!  





North Corridor
Last night Glenn groomed Corridor 12 north from the Cook Shack (WR 43) to WR 39; the 4A, 4 loop (WR 40-WR 75-WR 39); C4/12 from WR 39 to WR 66; Corridor 8 from WR 38 to WR 64; and C4/12 from WR 34 to WR 66 down Corridor 106 to Brown's Schoolhouse Rd. Water bars are still an issue on C4/12 between WR 38 up to WR 34. Use caution.
South Corridor
Today we groomed Corridor 12 south from the Cook Shack (WR 43) to the field where we meet Chester south of S 45 found sparse snow cover and ice on the power lines; Corridor 127 (WR 44 to WR 70) has open and running water bars, areas of sparse snow cover and ice on the power lines; and Corridor 126C (WR 42 to WR 68) has sparse snow cover. Hoping the continued cold weather will help the water bars but we need snow.
Ride right, stay safe, and stay on the trail.

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