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To operate a snowmobile on the VAST trail system you need to join a local snowmobile club and purchase a VAST TMA. The state where a sled is registered determines the pricing for the TMA – Vermont Registered Sleds and Out of State Registered Sleds.

Each category offers Early Bird and Early Bird Family Rates. To receive the Family Rate, VAST requires that the owner’s physical address is the same for all sleds. To qualify for Family TMA pricing, you must first purchase two full priced TMAs. You may qualify for Family pricing even if some sleds are registered in Vermont and some registered out of state.

When purchasing a TMA from a local Club, VAST requires that either an original – or a copy – of a current registration must be presented for each sled. The name and address on the TMA must match the name and address on the registration.

VAST offers the option to purchase TMAs online. Both returning members and new members can use this option. Pricing for online TMAs include $30.00 for Club dues and $5.00 for Shipping and Handling:

Early Bird – Vermont registration - $145.00 (TMA $110; Club dues $30; S&H $5)
Early Bird – Vermont Family - $129.00 (TMA $94; Club dues $30; S&H $5)
Early Bird – Out of State registration - $175.00 (TMA $140; Club dues $30; S&H $5)
Early Bird – Out of State Family - $152.00 (TMA $117.00; Club dues $30; S&H $5)
Regular Season – Vermont registration - $185.00 (TMA $150; Club dues $30; S&H $5)
Regular Season – Out of State registration - $225.00 (TMA $190; Club dues $30; S&H $5)
3 Day Passes - $80.00 (TMA $60; Club dues $20; no charge for S&H on 3 Day Passes)

Membership Applications are mailed out to members who do not have email addresses on file with the Club. Members with internet access can download the Application from our website at their convenience. Completed applications, supporting documents and payment should be mailed to

Cavendish Green Mountain Snow Fleas
P.O. Box 139
Proctorsville, VT 05153

TMAs can be purchased at the home of Joe and Karen Marini,
865 Heald Rd, Proctorsville.
Please call for an appointment.

TMAs can also be purchased at:

Snow Country Snowmobile Tours
96 Winery Road

If you have questions regarding TMAs, please contact Karen Marini at

Download the Membership Application HERE.

To view and print the form you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader available HERE.