What You Need to Snowmobile in VT

To operate a snowmobile in Vermont you need to purchase a TMA from VAST and join a local snowmobile club. The state where your snowmobile is registered determines the pricing for the TMA – Vermont Registered Sleds and Out of State Registered Sleds. You do not have to live or have a residence in Vermont to register your snowmobile in Vermont (see VT DMV website for information).

Each category offers Early Bird and Early Bird Family Rates. To receive the Family Rate, the owner’s physical address must be the same for all sleds. To qualify for Family TMA pricing, you must first purchase two full priced TMAs. You may qualify for Family pricing even if some sleds are registered in Vermont and some registered out of state.

TMAs are only available for sale online from VAST. There is a link on the VAST website with a connection to videos which will walk you through the online process, including how to upload a copy of your registration for verification, how you can join more than one club, and how you can donate to a club or other initiatives.

Members can easily look up their individual VAST Member IDs in order to purchase their TMA online this year.  VAST is aware that spring snowmobile orders with manufacturers are late again this year and DMV is slow.  They are allowing you to upload a copy of your spring order receipt or DMV appointment confirmation instead of a registration.  Write "pending" in the form field which asks for the serial and registration numbers. 

IMPORTANT:  you will still need to contact VAST at when you receive your correct serial number and registration numbers so they can update and send you your final TMA documents.

Because of the national paper shortage, VAST will not have stickers and forms to mail to you until early December.  You will receive a TEMPORARY 10-day TMA via email, which will be good from December 16 - 26 - on the same day of your TMA purchase.  IMPORTANT:  Make sure to check your SPAM folder.  It is very IMPORTANT that you enter your email address correctly, or you will not receive your temporary TMA.

2022 TMA Stickers Important Update!

Paper and Printer Employee Shortages have delayed the printing and distribution of TMA Stickers.  A decision (vote) was made at the VAST Board level to forego stickers this year since they cannot be delivered until sometime in March!

With the sticker delay impact, VAST is cancelling this year’s order and turning the order into 2023 stickers instead. There is no additional cost to do this and no cancelation fee.

Everyone who has purchased a TMA so far has been sent another temporary TMA which is good until Feb 15.  

VAST will be mailing (US Postal Service) out paperwork for folks to carry and the TEMP TMAs everyone currently has received via email will be honored.

VAST will be notifying all law Enforcement so they know what to look for.  Law Enforcement will still be doing safety checks and giving out safety stickers this year.










Early Bird (until Dec. 15) –
Vermont registration - $145.00

Early Bird (until Dec. 15) –
Vermont Family - $129.00

Early Bird (until Dec. 15) –
Out of State registration - $175.00

Early Bird (until Dec. 15) –
Out of State Family - $152.00

Regular Season –
Vermont registration - $185.00

Regular Season – Out of State registration - $225.00

3 Day Pass
(must be used 3 consecutive days) - $80.00