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Vermont Snowmobile Club!        


Our Club was started in the Fall of 1972 by a small group of local snowmobile enthusiasts who quickly became affiliated with VAST. We manage 43 miles of corridor and secondary trails that are part of the VAST trail system. We are a family-oriented Club dedicated to bringing the enjoyment of snowmobiling to all ages.

Members are kept up-to-date on Club activities and information related to snowmobiling issues and legislation via our website, our monthly newsletter the Flea Caller, and our Facebook page.

The heart of our Club is our volunteers who work on our trails year-round to insure the best riding experience possible, and the local landowners who allow us the privilege of riding on their land.

Our Club name and logo utilizes the snow flea, Hypogastrura nivicola, an insect about 1-2 mm (1/2 inch) long. Snow fleas are a species of springtail which can catapult themselves in a random direction, much like a jumping flea, by releasing two tail-like “spring” projections. .

Although active all year long, snow fleas produce an anti-freeze protein which allows them to survive in sub-zero environments from January through March. They may be seen hopping on the snow particularly under small trees.

Some Club members have observed an amazing similarity between these insects and themselves … but it is not a requirement for joining our Club!



2020-2021 Officers & Coordinators


President & Trail Master
Joe Marini 802-554-0011

Vice President & Trail Master

Dan Tiernan 401-846-6454

Vice President & Fundraising
Frank Companik 203-415-6552

Vice President &
Landowner Liaison

Tim Rowe 203-619-2366

Wayne Wysocki 860-227-7009

Secretary & Membership
Kelly Weymer 203-285-4327

Trail Signage
Russ Walsh 401-354-9775

Cook Shack:
Jared Wilson 802-226-7494