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Cheeseburger Event at the Cook shack

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The Snow Fleas enjoyed Cheeseburger at the cook Shack on April 28th . A special thanks to the folks from the Chester Snowmobile Club, the Ludlow Cronchers, and the Weathersfield Pathfinders who came out to support us.enjoyed

  • We presented founding member Jennifer Stowell with a copy of the VAST magazine containing our Featured Club article
  • Assistant Chef Dan Stowell
  • Serena, Steve, and James from the Cronchers with Snow Fleas Deb and Joe Nardini, and Sue Kirby — at Cavendish Cook Shack.
  • Chester's Mike Westine and 'Dad' Westine — at Cavendish Cook Shack.
  • Our master chef, Jared Wilson — at Cavendish Cook Shack.